Perfect Glutes Workout (5 KETTLEBELL BOOTY MOVES!!)

Perfect Glutes Workout (5 KETTLEBELL BOOTY MOVES!!)
The perfect glutes workout can be found in our 90 day fitness and nutrition system

This perfect glutes workout is a kettlebell butt workout that will help you learn how to grow your butt using just a single piece of equipment. If you want to get a rounder butt, this butt lift workout is ideal for you to try. This kettlebell booty workout will help you build perfect glutes!

For this glute workout there are 5 exercises. You can set a timer for 10 rounds, 40 seconds work and 15 seconds rest for this perfect workout for your glutes. Before attempting the entire perfect butt workout, please give all of these perfect booty exercises a try first. If you are a beginner you can shoot for 1-2 rounds of this butt lift workout. 2 rounds will give you about a 10 minute glutes workout. If you are more advanced you could do 3-4 rounds of this kettlebell glutes workout for a total of a 15 or 20 minute perfect butt workout. If you are looking for a full length workout to show you how to grow a butt, try our complete Athlean-XX for Women program

Here are the exercises that make up this kettlebell butt workout:

40 sec work, 15 sec rest
1) Deadlift Goblet Squat
2) Single Leg Squat
3) Plie Drop Squat
4) Swing Jump Touch
5) Lateral Slider Squat

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